Thursday, June 23, 2011

Water For Elephants: Two Fan Stories From NYC

Face says it all

From someone who spent six hours out in the weather that hit New York City the night before the Water for Elephants premiere, I can tell you.. it. was. brutal. And I didn't even spend the night outdoors. So it was nice to hear that my friends had been treated to pizza, doughnuts, and hot chocolate. However the rumor that it was sent to them by Rob, apparently was not true.

Three fans who were there shared their experience with a fellow fan site (we've translated the important part for you):

In the middle of the night, all of us who were literally suffering outdoors got a pizza delivery. They told us that it was from Rob, Reese and Christoph.
When it was finally time to meet Rob, I was in the first row with camera and phone in hand (Also a poster I wanted Rob to sign). Everyone around me was telling him "you're so nice," "you're so handsome," and I was paralized as I saw just how beautiful he is. When I finally had him in front of me, all I could think of saying was: "Rob, thanks for the pizza that you sent fans last night” and his reaction is the picture at the top.
There's no doubt that he didn't know what I was talking about, but I love him for being so nice and genuine. His expression will stay with me forever. He then signed my poster with that precious smile of his. I can tell you Rob is a very patient man. He never complained as he signed tons of posters and took pictures with fans.

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Rob might not have sent the pizza, but he made up for it by being more than gracious with fans who spent the night outdoors in terrible conditions for a chance to see him. And then there were the lucky ones. A group of girls who did not have to suffer to meet Rob.

Went to the NYC "Water For Elephants" premiere. After being told numerous times not to stand on the sidewalk across the street, we ended up waiting behind a bus that was blocking a part of the sidewalk.

The bus driver assured us that the bus would move and we would have a spot right across from the Zigfield Theatre entrance. Sure enough the bus moved, barricades went up in it's place and we were lucky enough to be right up against them. Robert got out at the end of the block and walked down the street (which was not blocked off to traffic) to greet his fans.

He talked to us, laughed at our jokes, shook our hands and took a picture with us. People had been waiting from 9pm til 1am, the night before in the pouring rain to get wrist bands to be in a so called "special section" up front. Boy were they pissed at us, because we got lucky. We just showed up an hour before the premiere and got a front row place to meet him!

What a great day!

There you have it, two very different experiences, but with the same outcome. Everyone went home happy after meeting Rob. :)

A few more pictures from the Water for Elephants promo tour (New York and London).

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  1. I spent the night waiting and I am not pissed that people came up and got his picture and autograph that did not have to endure what we did. I'm happy anytime a fan can get this on his terms :)