Sunday, June 5, 2011

The 'Breaking Dawn' Teaser Trailer.. Is Up!

Speechless.. - Watch it on IMDb - or below

So the wedding couldn't have looked more perfect, but filming it was a whole different story:

“I wish that I could say it was this magical beautiful day, but we had a lot of rain and it was kind of muddy and there [were] tarps all over,” Peter Facinelli, who plays Robert Pattinson’s on screen father, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, said.

“Literally, there was a couple of extras where water just poured down and dumped on top of them,” Peter told Shaun. “So, it was kind of a nightmare shooting it, but [the set] was so beautifully dressed and I know that you’ll never see any of that behind the scenes stuff and it will look beautiful.”

 More on the invitation (rest of the pictures at MTV) 

And what do real wedding experts think about the invitation? read all about it at Hollywood Crush.

Fan reactions

Of course, no one can top Nutty Madam

  caps via source and you can see TONS more here.


  1. ohmygod so excited!!!!

  2. Summit should release it on August 13th. What is the point in waiting till the fall? You can bet Fans will fill the seats.

  3. I agree with Dianne, August 13th should be the release date... And about that, the date on the invitation... shouldn't it say sunday, the thirteenth of august two thousand and SIX? that's the date on the books according to the timeline on twilightlexicon.com
    just saying...