Sunday, June 26, 2011

"It's Great To See Robert In This Huge Thing"

Rupert Grint talked to Attitude magazine about Twilight and Rob:

Q: The films have spawned lots of big stars, such as Robert Pattinson. Are you a fan of the Twilight films?

R: Yeah, definitely. There's no rivalry. I've only seen one-and-a-half of them. My sisters love them. It's great to see Robert in this huge thing.I was pleased for him.

Q: Do you keep in contact?

R: Not really. The last time I saw him was just before he got the Twilight job. I think it was at the fifth film premiere. he just happened to be walking past as he wasn't originally invited because he wasn't in that film. (Laughs).

The scans at the source.

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