Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rob's 'Twilight' Costars Gush About Him

We don't blame them of course ;)

Christian Serratos talking to Celebuzz:

“Robert’s great. I don’t think I will ever meet anyone else like him. He is so genuine and funny and has a unique soul and I really respect that about him,” says Serratos.

Xavier Samuel also mentioned working with Rob in an Aussie magazine.

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It must have been the biggest set you've worked on...

Well, I can't imagine a film that's generated that sort of response. It's funny thinking that regardless of what work I do in the future, I know that I'll never be a part of something that generates that particular type of response - it was really unique. It's a credit to Stephenie Meyer, Robert [Pattinson] and Kristen [Stewart], and the rest of the cast, to capture something that is contagious and exciting and build that world in a way that's compelling. I was really happy to have been a part of it... and just held on tight.

Did you spend much time with Rob and Kristen?

Yeah, it wasn't like a closed shop. Even though that was a fear - well, not a fear, but you're kind of hesitant on any job that you'll into a situation where people have already established their dynamic and their own family. And to be an outsider walking into that - and also playing the bad guy! - you think 'How's this going to go down?' But I couldn't have been welcomed in warmer fashion. We went out to dinners and there was a really organic camaraderie that developed.

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