Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rob's Sister Lizzy Talks About Being Part Of The 'Twilight' Score

You all remember this scene.. when we first saw Edward strut into the cafeteria and on to the big screen.
His sister Lizzy sings those lovely vocals you hear in the background, and in a new interview she talks about her experience and contribution to Twilight.

           You wrote a song for "Twilight," what is it like hearing your song on film?
It wasn't a song as such; I sang ambient background vocals on the film score. My vocals are probably most prominent on the piece 'Who Are They' at the moment Edward Cullen first appears in the cafeteria scene. I recorded the vocals with Carter Burwell and Catherine Hardwicke at Hans Zimmer's studio in Los Angeles and Air Studios in London. They were both such amazing people to work with and it was fascinating to see and hear how much the music affects the mood of the scene. I feel honoured to have been a part of the film, albeit a very small part. It was so much fun!
Okay, now let's relive the moment!

Here's the track again *without* the distraction of Rob walking into the room

You can read the rest of Lizzy's interview over at Cellardoor (Look up page 108). Also check out her  MySpace page to hear some of her music and dates when you can watch her perform live. 

Photos: Coolspotters.com, EdwardandBella.net

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