Monday, September 20, 2010

James Franco Compares Tent Scene To Brokeback Mountain?! What An Honor

James Franco has recently become intrigued by the 'Twilight' series. In fact he can't stop talking about it. In a new interview with MTV he talks about Edward, Jacob, and another couple they remind him of..
"The movies are almost commenting on themselves," he said. "There will be a scene where the go-to guys, Taylor and Rob, are in the tent, it's almost like a 'Brokeback Mountain' scene, where the two guys are talking in a tent and the girl is asleep, and they're having, like, this romantic moment almost through her, in a way. One of them says, 'Well, I'm hotter than you,' and it's almost like they're winking at the fans, like to the Team Jacob or the Team Edwards."  
Read the rest, including what Breaking Dawn scene he thought was "kind of a letdown" and watch the video below.

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