Tuesday, September 14, 2010

'Bel Ami' & 'Water For Elephants' Updates Straight From Their Directors

It seems these days we either get zero news on Rob's projects, or a bunch at the same time. Today it was the latter. First we heard from MTV, that got a chance to talk to Water for Elephants director Francis Lawrence after he was the big winner of the night at the VMAs. He talked about filming in Tennessee and the fan interest there. Lawrence also gave an update on what he's been up to since production wrapped last month.

Even though filming wrapped at the beginning of August, Francis said he's not even close to being done with the editing process. "This is only my fourth week of cutting," he said. "Then I just took a quick two-week vacation, and now I'm cutting. So I'm probably cutting all the way up to Christmas. I think it's gonna be [a spring release], but it has not been confirmed yet."

While Lawrence kept the Water for Elephants release date pretty vague, Box Office Mojo reported back in July that it's April 15, 2011. And just last week Comingsoon.net talked about the movies set to open that day, and guess what 20th Century Fox title is in the mix?..  keep in mind things could always change, but that April release date is looking pretty certain.

Bel Ami however is another story. Since production wrapped in the Spring, we've hardly had any updates on where things stand, much less a release date. But today we finally heard from the film's directors who shared one piece of vital information via twitter:
Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod's film Bel Ami now in post-production

As for the status of its release date, plenty of rumors abound but there is no official date yet. We did hear a bit from Uma Thurman who while at the Toronto Film Festival quickly mentioned all the younger men she gets to bed in her latest projects.

A final note on the DVD front. Summit reportedly will not make you buy six different copies of the Eclipse DVD just so you can see all the extras. At least that's what they told Twilight Lexicon:
Verified w/Summit there won't be massive differences DVD content-each retailer. They might change bundling not content
We'll believe it when we see it. And don't forget to get your copy of Remember Me French fans, you can buy it today in your country.. show Tyler some love!

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