Friday, September 17, 2010

The Big Beard Debate: Efron Put On The Spot Over The "Hairy Controversy!!!"

Okay.. a little sensationalized, but watching Jon Stewart's recent opening monologues is apparently rubbing off on us. Seriously.. what journalist has the nerve to ask these questions:
At the premiere last night Zac told one reporter that his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens wasn’t particularly fond of his beard.

“Well Vanessa finds it very itchy when I kiss her” he said.  When asked whose beard was thicker – his or Robert Pattinson’s, Zac replied: “Probably Rob’s.”
Oh wait, it was a question from the paparazzi. And there you go.

Now back to  planning our trip to the Rally to Restore Sanity.. yes it could easily apply to this fandom.

Photo: Zimbio
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