Friday, September 17, 2010

Does Brazil Get To Watch 'Breaking Dawn' Ahead Of The Rest Of The World?

Apparently the film's distributor in Brazil has just announced that Breaking Dawn will (tentatively) premiere there on November 11, 2011. Way ahead of our U.S. November 18 premiere.

@clabozolinas flagged us about the news, and translated the post for us:
 "Yes, the release in the country of "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" will be in the cabalistic date 11/11/11 ... the second part will e in 2012, if the world doesn't end first..."

 [ and by 'cabalistic I meant 'from Cabala'] 

Now Paris Filmes went on to say (we do understand some Portuguese) that the date of course could change, but that is the tentative one they are working with. Which would make sense if part of Breaking Dawn is indeed filmed there. We are still waiting to get confirmation on that.

Keep you posted!


  1. Sim, aqui no Brasil os fãs estão muito felizes e ansiosos com a notícia, estamos esperando mais novidades, na verdade nós estamos loucos... surtando seria a palavra certa kkk

  2. Surtando na verdade ainda é poucooooo....