Tuesday, September 7, 2010

News Wrap: Lubbock Gives Rob A Big Texas Welcome

Rob's star power was pretty apparent last night, when he made a stop in Lubbock, Texas. A few tweets and facebook postings later, the place became a beacon for his fans.


The largest influx of young women arrived after Pattinson’s local appearance was announced via Facebook postings.

You can't blame it all on twitter this time Rob.. it was those facebookers! In fact, according to Texas Tech's newspaper one of them was one of their own teachers:
Devoted Twilight fans Jessica Ramos and Angel Alavrado, both sophomore education majors from Lubbock, were waiting outside the back door of the bar to get a glimpse of Pattinson. They said they saw a picture on a teacher’s Facebook and proceeded to call and confirm from that teacher Pattinson was really in Lubbock. Once they had verification, they were on their way to Crickets, Ramos said.
Soon enough the pictures started pouring in. The general manager of the place fills in the gaps:

“He was a real nice guy,” McBride said.

Although Cricket’s capacity is 253, they only let about 100 people stay in the building once Pattinson arrived, he said.
So just how crazy did things get outside the bar? a fan gives us the play by play.

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@tweetxpea has more on that cut-out you saw on that last video & how Rob reacted when he saw the fans outside:
One girl even brought an Edward cut-out and plastered it up against the window, he laughed at that.
Rob walked up close to the door a few times and gave a little wave.
By today, even the local news was talking about Rob's visit to Lubbock. They talked to the waitress who first recognized Rob.

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Of course by now Rob is long gone.. on another highway pit stop, hopefully eating some good barbecue. But the memory of his short stop in Lubbock, is now part of that town's history.. and that is how you gage star power. Safe travels Rob! 


  1. HOLY...loss for words. Everyone please if you see the guy on his road trip, don't tweet the world his location.

    WOW. Luckily nothing bad happened, I wouldn't blame him if he just flew to New Orleans from there to avoid anything like that again.

  2. Guess Rob wants to see and experience different parts of the good ol USA. Good for him & good for fans wherever he stops. It's fun to hear about these off the beaten path visits.

  3. why did half these girls respond to him as edward?? hes robert pattinson <3