Monday, September 27, 2010

Pixie Lott: "I Really Like Robert Pattinson"

According to Digital Spy, Pixie Lott recently spoke to Glamour about her crush on Rob:

"I really like Zac Efron. But I'd prefer it if he messed up his hair a bit, he's a bit too perfect. I really like Robert Pattinson.

"I can't wait for the new Twilight film to come out."

Read the rest at Digital Spy. She does an amazing job with this cover btw..


  1. Uh, the line? It's waaaay back there! *points to far distance*

    LOL. (No idea who this person is, but suddenly realized that Kristen probably has to worry about more than just fans.)

  2. Every woman on earth wants him, get in line.

  3. Kristen probably doesn't worry about anything, he is with her and she is safe for him at the moment. Where else would he go, the poor guy has no privacy at all. I predict that when the Twiseries is over he will get himself a gorgeous curvy model for a girlfriend, maybe one who lives in London.

  4. Pixie lott is as far as i'm aware is Sir Bob Geldoff's daughter,and she has got a hot model boyfriend..i'm sure she just said that she has a crush on rob because he is hot and so famous..so Kristen has nothing to worry about.. besides Rob seems to be totally hooked on her..and as long as Rob is happy that's the most important thing:)

  5. u r very insightful @twilightnan..tks for the info..
    why did i like this chick again??? i don't remember...does she have a hit song or something? i think that was it...not sure
    i'll go to bed before i loose the rest of my memory..hehe
    oh btw...EVERYBODY lusts over ROB xD

  6. @Yaelfica,.you are welcome,but I want to correct the info I posted last night..re-Pixie Lott--it looks she is not Sir Bob Geldoff's daughter after all ,sorry I got her mixed-up with the late Paula Yates and Sir Bob Geldoff daughter...Yaelfica,she is famous for her catchy pop songs,her debut sinle..MamaDo-was a hit,she is rumoured to be going out w/male modelOliver Cheshire,22..and he is a hunk although not as gorgeous as our Rob;)

  7. ah...bob's other daughter is also named Pixie.