Monday, September 13, 2010

Why Do We Fear A Bit Of Rob's Hair Is Gonna End Up On MTV..

There it was.. mission #62 on MTV's The Buried Life:
Steal a lock of Robert Pattinson's Hair 

A few weeks ago a reader flagged us about Rob's mention on the show's promo, but we still held out hope it was all a prank. Not anymore, after one of the guys on the show talked to Tiger Beat Bop about "the dare" they accepted:
We got the chance to talk with Duncan and when we asked about getting a piece of Rob’s hair he said, “The list item was actually to accept a dare, a big dare that made us very uncomfortable. We put it out to Facebook to dare us to do something and we’ll do it. To steal a lock of Rob Pattinson’s hair was the one that got the most votes so we accepted it.” We’ll have to wait for the episode to find out whether they did it or not!
If the show has already taped and they were successful we hope it was quick and painless. But what we're really hoping is that this is the closest they got to Rob's hair..

We'll find out soon enough!.. The Buried Life premieres September 27 at 10:30 PM PST/EST on MTV. 

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