Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Week From Today.. Can Hear The Crowd Now.. Vote! Vote! Vote!

What will he wear? will he walk the red carpet? will he talk to the media?.. all burning questions we won't find out about until next Sunday, when Rob makes an appearance at the Teen Choice Awards in LA. But there is one question you can answer now. What will he win? Rob is nominated in several categories. So VOTE NOW before time runs out!

2008 - A shy newby on stage.. (okay this is from the MTV Video Awards. And he was just introducing a band. But look how far he's come!)

2009 Watch him swoon the ladies!

2010.. Up to you how many times we see him hit the stage as a seasoned champ! VOTE NOW.

We'll have tweets, pics, and videos on Sunday, August 8 (when the show actually tapes). Then tune in Monday, August 9 when the Teen Choice Awards air on FOX.

PS. Don't think we've forgiven you Russell Brand...


  1. I love how everyone's clapping slowly, like, "Who the hell are these people?" Hahaha
    And Taylor's so little!

    Oh. And I still hate Russell Brand.

  2. Again, Rob the gentleman. He could have told Russell to let him talk but too much of a gentleman to make an ass out of himself, unlike Russell.