Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Set Pics, Director Filming Updates & More: Water For Elephants Wrap

The start of the week brought with it a lot of news from the Water for Elephants set. It started with director Francis Lawrence (@Hibbits) tweeting that the end of filming is coming next week. Later he updated followers on the scenes being shot Monday:
Done with Cornell... Off to the morgue.
   A student at the campus passing off as Cornell took this picture of the set..

A few hours later, we got a first look at Rob in his wardrobe for the day. HQ versions here.


Finally we heard from two lucky fans, who got their WFE book signed by Rob 

Me and my friend Heather dropped off our WFE book on the set about two weeks ago to get it signed. One of our neighbors happens to work on set as a crew member so we were going to have him pick it up so we wouldn't bother Rob or any other actors. Our neighbor called us today and said the book was finally ready to be picked up so we drove to the current set and received it through a security guard.
After getting the book, we stayed around a bit in hopes of catching a glimpse of Rob himself. To our luck, no other fans were there so he walked right by the fence 3 times and we could see him perfectly. He is better looking in person than he is on screen.
Holly & Heather
Thanks for sharing guys!

This movie is going to be something special, we just know it. And we hope to be there to support Rob and the rest of the cast and crew every step of the way!

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