Friday, July 23, 2010

'Eclipse' Actress Talks About Filming In Vancouver, Meeting Rob

Sabrina Frank played Rosalie's friend Vera in her Eclipse back story. Unfortunately Frank's part ended up getting cut. Recently she talked to Glamour (Germany) about her experience while filming with the cast.

Rough translation by KstewRobFans:

Glamour: Did you notice the Hype around that Robert Pattinson & CO.?
Sabrina: Yes, and how. It really is unbelievable that the fans will find all these locations. On my first day of shooting, we are driven into the middle of the woods, I would have never found this way - and when we got there, there were already dozens of fans waiting. I was completely shocked, but my driver said, the fans usually know already, which is rotated before it even know the driver. While it is all off and they do not come anywhere near the set, but for the fans is the greatest, when a car drove past in which they might sit Robert Pattinson!

Glamour: Did you meet Robert personally?
Sabrina: Yes, I sat with two times with him in the mask. That was altogether a very calm and really pleasant situation. I also met Kristen. I respect Robert and Kristen and the job they do and am very grateful that I got to know them.

Glamour: Did you feel Robert & Kristen were arrogant?
Sabrina: It is surprising that the actors who had more minor roles in "Eclipse", I met with a much greater arrogance, as Robert and Kristen. Some people did not even shake my hand or looked at me in the eyes. That was all very superficial. Kristen and Robert on the other hand looked at me very interested, shook my hand and listened as I spoke. I found them very enjoyable and authentic, very different than what you expected.

Photo: The Twilight Saga.com


  1. Wow, as if we need more proof that Rob and Kristen are beautiful people inside and out!!!!