Friday, July 16, 2010

Chace Crawford Says He Can Take Rob On.. Really?

Chace Crawford tells Cosmopolitan UK in its July issue, that he can *maybe* beat Rob at arm wrestling. If Rob doesn't bite back!

Who’d win in an arm wrestle tournament between you, Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron?

“Bring it on! Can I use two hands? I reckon I could hold my own then. I could get R-Patz maybe but then he’d just bite the crap out of my hand!”

Somehow I don't see either of them arm wrestling. Then again..

Nope, not happening. However Zac Efron.. I'd be worried.

Remember he *can* spin a basketball on his finger..

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Photos: Star Magazine, Ace Showbiz, Bob Charlotte/PR, PixPlanete PR.


  1. forget arm wrestling, I wanna seem them both make out!!! They are two very pretty people. Just sayin....

  2. Mud wrestling in nothing but pants! That I'd pay to see:D lol