Monday, July 19, 2010

Rob, James Dean, And The Path To Becoming A Legend

Over the weekend ELLE France posted a piece on Rob, and his life compared to that of James Dean.

Thanks to Lucile for the translation :)

The one, James, is the symbol of the teens of the 50s, him who is 24 years old and who seems ten more in his man's suit there. We are in 1955: in five months, he died. We know everything of this photo: the friendship which united him to the photographer (Dennis Stock), of the place (New York), the fatigue of James this day. James may be immortalized by his friend, what is shown is the total solitude (loneliness) which already announces the eternity. Then, we don't know nothing about the life of the actor. His homosexuality is carefully hidden. And James Dean, who would like to speak about it, has been forbidden to talk about it. It would be the end of his career. Perhaps also the end of his legend. The other one, Robert, is so famous that he couldn’t walk incognito in Times Square. This time is over. There, hunted by a paparazzi, he is 24 years old too and almost the same face as James Dean. He also has to keep his sexual life private, even if it's only to keep silent about the fact that he has a girlfriend, so not to discourage his fans. He is the idol of the ill-being of the teenagers. But, in spite of the isolation due to his stunning fame, he is still connected with others, his mobile phone by his ear. Instead of giving the impression of becoming a legend, he clings on to the reality that still remains.

Between these two photos, some pathos left the stars. But also a certain lyric which made them incomparable..

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  1. Dear media peeps, it's been close to 3 years now, this comparison is getting old. I think it's time to find someone else to take over Rob's spot here since he's his own person and talent.

  2. i just hope he wont turn out to be gay like JD lol

  3. james dean was gay??? really?? did everybody know this?? o_o