Monday, July 19, 2010

Come One, Come All! Wrap Of Parade Day On The 'Water For Elephants' Set

The New York City street on the FOX Studios lot in Los Angeles, was transformed Monday into the town of Weehawken, New Jersey.. circa 1931. The sounds and colorful sights of a parade soon followed, announcing the arrival of the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show On Earth!

Director Francis Lawrence (@Hibbits) filled us in:
Shooting the parade today was fantastic. Transported to weehawken in 31, fun to be in town for a change. Lots of visitors!

We only have the above photo to give us a bird's eye view of where the parade scene was filmed. But thanks to tweets from extras and surprised employees who showed up to work to find llamas and zebras roaming around, we can create the scene in our minds. With the help of a few twitpics:

@MulattoJ: I just got to work there are a giraffes, camels, horses etc in front of my building. Shooting WFE...neato.

@DamonBerger Water for Elephants shooting outside my office. Just saw Reese Witherspoon riding an elephant. U know, just another Monday

(Extra) @Thom_Thumb_ My last day as Gumdrop the clown. I am riding the band-wagon in the parade! So much fun!

@mosh426 "Water for Elephants" is shooting on the lot today. A real elephant carrying a snow shovel just walked by

(Extra) @rebekahvoss: Today on wfe we have zebras, llamas, a giraffe, camels, a LION and the star of it all, @Rosie_Elephant!

@StaceyLThomas: Just an average day working on the FOX lot ... Elephant Crossing!!

Ahh, Rosie!.. it wouldn't be the Water for Elephants set without her. And in between takes, she waisted no time snogging thrilled visitors like @kat_eyz1969 who tweeted this:

 This sweet elephant just sniffed me in the face :) 

And of course it wouldn't be a circus without the mighty lion via @WFEfilm.

At the end of the day it was time to say goodbye to a number of extras, who we want to thank for making us all feel like we were there with their vivid tweets.

@Thom_Thumb_ Us clowns have been picture rapped. We took photos w Francis, Rosie, others b4 leaving Fox studios.

What an amazing experience WFE has been. I will always remember fondly the good times we all had on set.. Eager 4 rap party.
Filming continues for Rob and the main cast. Updates as we get them!

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