Sunday, July 18, 2010

Living Together? Breaking Up? Kristen Talks About Tabloids & Rob

While doing Eclipse promotion with international media, Kristen was asked about tabloids and of course Rob's name came up. She also mentioned kissing Rob and Taylor, and what scene she had to repeat over and over. (Rob mention starts at about 3:00).

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  1. I love this girl. And I respect her and Rob for keeping their relationship private and not wanting to cheapen their relationship by selling it.

    I do wonder if they got upset that Wyck and the other directors confirmed their romance to the media. I mean, yeah, its not exactly a secret they are together but im surprised the producers/directors actually confirmed it knowing Rob and Kristen dont want to talk about it to the media. Oh well, hopefully what Wyck said is true and that now that the secret is out people will leave them alone

  2. I loved that interview. It felt very natural for Kristen. She's really funny and has a real way with words.