Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Director Updates From 'Water For Elephants' Set

We knew it was coming. Since last week there was word that filming was wrapping up, on one of the Water for Elephants sets. Director Francis Lawrence (@Hibbits) confirmed that last night. He also shared some additional details from the set:
Done shooting in the big top. Getting ready to collapse the benzini tents!

Not a wrap yet... Just for this location. But still a bit sad.
Just picture wrapped Donna Scott (Barbara).
Okay... Collapsing our tents was probably one of the coolest things we've done.

We also heard from some of the actors who thanked fans, and shared some exciting scene info:
@ThomThumb: Shot one scene today walking away from the big top beside Rob and Reese as it collapses behind us all. Last day of shooting in Piru. Sad..

As they collapsed the big tops behind us we signed autographs in copies of WFE. Looking forward to my final shoot date for the parade on Mon  
Check out some of his work (that we're guessing is some of what he'll be doing on screen)

just finished wrapping on piru loc, might have a day or two left, but def a bittersweet moment, u guys, the fans have made Tweeting a meaningful and truly rewarding experience!  Thanks for all the love and support.
Probably last day for us Rousties on #WFE! It's been a great and wonderful experience! Proud to b part of it :)
Special shout out to the set soldiers we met today. The whole WFE cast appreciates you so much!!!
We appreciate all of their updates. More to come!

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