Monday, July 19, 2010

Catch Up On Everything 'Water For Elephants,' As Wrap Gets Close!

One of the most elaborate scenes on Water for Elephants will be filmed today. It's parade day on set!

@Thom_Thumb_  Last day filming for Water for Elephants... 4:48 am call time. Filming the parade on a street Fox has that is NYC except 1930s style!

Just so you get a better idea, @WFEfilm led us to this link of how the street on the studio lot usually looks like. Of course the street is tweaked to fit the feel of each movie that is filmed there. And with the circus coming to town it should be a colorful display!


Following the developments on Rob's latest project has been made a lot easier, thanks to twitter updates by director Francis Lawrence (@Hibbits), and the extras who have been sharing their experiences as well.

An excellent example comes via Robert Kestler (@TheLionShare), who just finished his work on the movie and shared his account with WFEfilm.

Another vivid description came from @CodyWood, whose details will leave you wanting to see the film now:
Rob was smiling at the director. He was obviously tickled by the intensity and size of the stampede. The entire experience was authentic. There were peanuts scattered on the ground and popcorn boxes tipped in the bleachers. Along the menagerie a host of animals did their part to make the scene possible and center ring the massive elephant stood like royalty. There was so much to take in that the twelve hour day passed like minutes.
Read the rest over at his FB page. And the first part here
While we'll miss the updates, we look forward to a production wrap.. because it puts us closer to seeing Rob bring Jacob to life on the big screen. We can't wait.     



  1. Filming is going on all day today at the Fox lot. The parade scene looks awesome, hundreds of extras and dozens of animals in 30's style.

  2. Wonder what little tune Rob was singing for the crew? He will have a lot of free time once WFE has wrapped and Kristen is filming ON THE ROAD. Whatever will he do with his time for he states that he likes to work all of the time. I sure could find something for him to do.