Sunday, July 25, 2010

'Remember Me' DVD Available In The UK & #1 On iTunes In Australia

UK Fans can now buy Remember Me on DVD. It's available on Amazon and other retailers. Indie London gave it a really nice review:
For those prepared to give it a go, and enter somewhat cold, there is much to savour, not least in a convincing central performance from Pattinson and some nice chemistry between him and Ravin.

The Remember Me DVD also quickly went up the charts, as soon as it hit iTunes in Australia. All the way to #1!

We are so happy that fans continue to support this great film that showcases Rob's acting range. Go Tyler!  


  1. I loved Rob more as Tyler Hawkins than as Edward Cullen...I am obsessed with Twilight...but more obsessed with Rob, he is AMAZING in RM. I went and saw it 4 times at the cinemas and bought the dvd first day it was available and watched it numerous times since...just love it...of course I cry everytime I watch it :) (and I am 40yo. not some teenager)

  2. Just can't get enough of Robert. He gives such a wonderful performance in RM. He has amazing chemistry with Pierce,Ruby Jerins,Tate Ellington,and especially Emilie de Ravin. In fact, all the cast gives good, solid performances, but its worth seeing just to see how amazing Rob is as Tyler. Its a nice change from Edward Cullen. I absolutely adore that gorgeous, precious man.