Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ruby Jerins: "Rob Was Like A Bigger Brother Except He Wasn't Mean"

Most of my favorite parts in Remember Me, involved the interaction between Rob and Ruby Jerins who played his little sister in the film. Ruby talked to the press about what it was like working with Rob.

"He's really fun and very funny, he was like a bigger brother except he wasn't mean - sometimes big brothers can be mean," she said. "He is very supportive and respectable, and easy to act with. I really admired his work from the beginning, and he was really nice to everybody."

The actress added: "It is extremely easy to bond with him. When we first met at the screen test, he suggested we should hang out a little and build chemistry but we never got to - it wasn't really necessary because we did a lot of waiting around on set, so we got to know each other then and goofed around".
Ruby also mentioned the constant presence of fans and the paparazzi on sets. Read the rest.

Photo: TwilightfansItalia.com

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