Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rob & Kristen Shoot The Meadow Scene: Article + Behind The Scenes Stills

These two official behind the scenes stills come courtesy of  a brazilian article talking about the Official Eclipse Movie Companion.

Rough Translation by Let Me Sign. 

The Twilight Saga : Eclipse – Official Illustrated Movie Guide reveals the inside story of Eclipse. A compillation of nearly 150 pages formatted by the author Mark Cotta Vaz.

In reading, there is information that the fighter kickboxing Jonathan Eusebio served as a consultant for training to fight the cast backstage after participating in Iron Man 2. Most intense action scenes are the series of Eclipse, evaluates the actor Jackson Rathbone, who is responsible for interpreting the vampire Jasper Hale, the target of intense revelations in the new chapter. The sequencing of the plot, by the way, emerges as a priority in most relevant statement of Robert Pattinson the vampire Edward. “My greatest hope is that fans see how the films are connected and are not just random products,” says the leading man. The vision of the producer Wyck Godfrey supports the weight of momentum in the final product: “We all love Eclipse because it is the film with more action and it’s more manly.”

Read the rest over at Let Me Sign. More stills at KstewRobfans.

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