Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rob's Bruised Up, Extra Shares Experience, & Reese & Rosie Are Done

The day started with some new pictures of Rob on the Water for Elephants set, and news just kept coming after that.

Water for Elephants author Sara Gruen recently updated her Facebook public page with a detailed description of what she thought of the movie after visiting the sets (She'll have a cameo in the film-Read extra's experience for more on that).

Did our cameos yesterday for the movie! Long day–actors work HARD! And I don’t mean us, I mean the real actors (some of the extras had been there for sixteen hours by the time we left). Magical. Beautiful. I’m going to be absorbing this experience for a long time. Thank you THANK YOU to all the people who are making this movie happen. xoxo
I’m really overcome by all the talent and hard work that went into this movie. I did it for three days; you did it all day every day for three and a half months. I bow to you, and am truly speechless. Thank you. Just thank you. I hope you all know what this means to me. I work with words, but at this moment I am without words. xxoo

Later in the day new pictures of Reese on set came out.

Little did we know, it would be the last photos we would see before she wrapped. Director Francis Lawrence (@Hibbits) shared the news this afternoon:
What a change... Shooting the modern circus with Hal Holbrook and Paul schneider today. They are amazing.
Also... We have picture wrapped Marlena, Camel and Rosie... Very sad to see everyone go.
Rosie too! :(

@WFEFilm also had some great details straight from the casting director regarding the filming set to begin next week in Tennessee. Finally, an extra who was on set the day of the parade earlier this week, shared her experience with fans:
I was one of the lucky few that were chosen to stay for the close-up shot with Robert Pattinson and Christoph Waltz. This shot was awesome because I would get the chance to be inches away from Rob as he walked down the street for the parade (every Rob-lover’s dream). We were told to pantomime so the sound guys could pick up Rob and Christoph reciting their lines.
Read the rest.

And this production is still not over!.. We'll keep you posted as Water for Elephants heads to Tennessee.

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