Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rob Meets Super Fan, Super Fan Shares Details

Along with the rest of the Twilight world, we have become huge fans of the genuine range of emotions Nutty Madam (Emma) brings to her trailer reaction videos. We weren't the only ones paying attention, as we found out when Rob recently talked about wanting to meet her (at about 4:05).

“She’s become a celebrity in her own right. She’s funny, I mean she should be in the movies. She’s English too right?”

When Grant explained that the super fan was heading to London to camp out for the premiere, Robert said: “I want to meet her, that’s pretty spectacular.” 

Of course we saw the reaction to that news..

And then it finally happened.. Emma met Rob at the London Breaking Dawn premiere, and she's posted a reaction video of that whole experience (4:30).

We are so happy for them both.. and can't wait to see the next reax video :)

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