Tuesday, November 29, 2011

'Breaking Dawn' Production Designer Shares BTS Details

Richard Sherman gave an interview to Architectural Digest, in which he describes the sets of Breaking Dawn, and how each contributed to the film. He also shared a few personal comments about Rob and his costars:

RS: Everyone had a good time. The three main actors are all very fun to work with. Kristen is quite serious. Rob and Taylor are a little bit wild. Rob and Kristen are actually a couple in real life. When he’s with her, he’s a little more restrained. When she’s not around, like most guys when their wives or girlfriends aren’t around, he’s a little looser. Taylor’s a kid—he’s 19—so he was bouncing all over the place.

Read the rest (great details) at Architectural Digest

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  1. are they really a couple in real life?
    they are the best couple ever. love them both.