Monday, November 7, 2011

'Breaking Dawn' Press Junket: More Interviews & Footage

Here's what we have so far, the rest in this post.

Hit Fix  (Watch on YouTube)

Rob talks to Parade.

Rob and Kristen talk to CNN (vows in the film, Kristen talks not discussing personal life).

Melissa Rosenberg talks to Celebuzz about vampire gymnastics otherwise known as sex scenes in Breaking Dawn Part 2 (yes, we're getting a preview!).

Jeanne Wolf (Rob talks sex scenes)

Kristen mentions Rob

Kyle and Jackie O (Australian radio)


Sunrise (Australia)

Today Show (Australia)

One News - New Zealand (Click to watch or below)

Channel 10 (Australia)

Fitzy and Wippa (Australia) - Watch the rest of the cast.

Talking Pictures

Guardian UK (may have happened at some other time, but very good interview).



Kristen talks about why Rob "pissed her off" - watch here.

Jake The Movie Guy

Clevver TV

Fox 11

Black Tree TV

Bill Condon talks about Rob at about 3:00 and new footage :)

Taylor talks about Rob's mistake at the Grauman's ceremony (at about 1:15).

Hot Press (Rob talks how fame has changed his life).


  1. Hey guys you missed one really great interv. with rob talking about weddings, the priest, etc very fun with "Extra"


  2. I just realized that ROb and Kristen have almost similar plaid shirts and color,,they really keep the tradition of having the same clothes.