Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'Breaking Dawn' LA Premiere: Cute Fan Accounts

Sue (who was next to us on the carpet) shared a cute story from the premiere, as well as some great pics :)

Earlier while we were waiting for Rob to get to our spot in line, we tried to get the girls around us to calm down and stop pushing and screaming every single time Rob breathed (trust me, he breathes a lot and the screeching was unbearable) because we didn’t want them to lead Rob away before he got over to us. So when Nicole was getting her autograph, she told Rob that we had tried to keep everyone calm as not to scare him. He laughed and said “it didn’t work.” Honestly, I can’t say enough how sweet, friendly and charming he was as he worked his way through the frenzied crowd. 

These are the rest of the (lucky) girls..

Read the rest of her story and check out her cute pics of Rob! (It was a pleasure meeting you ladies).

MarieCullen07 also shared the details of her fun times in LA and had some nice photos of Rob as well. (our fave ones below).

Finally, a few more cute fan pics with a smiley Rob. Check out the rest. 

We also found this cute video (fast forward to when he comes over to take pics).

We're sure like these fan stories, there are at least one-thousand more, which we love hearing about - hit us up if you were there ;) 

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