Monday, November 7, 2011

'Cosmopolis' Preview From Lisbon Film Festival

David Cronenberg introduced the Cosmopolis clip, during his promotion of A Dangerous Method at the Lisbon Film Festival today. Lots of hot Eric Packer we hear (naked Rob in the limo). According to a new article the film has a release date of December 12, 2012. Not sure whether that would apply worldwide, but for now let's just enjoy the new clip ;) - Also catch the Q&A with the director (he mentions Rob and the film). 


0.23 Opening bip: COSMOPOLIS (silver font)
0.28 just the limo parked
0.31 Scene with Sarah and Rob (you can see his forehead at 0.32)
0.33 Inside the limo, Rob was on the right, green screen background
0.34 a shot of NYC by night
0.36 the same Sarah and Rob’s scene, he was biting the sausage and then looks at her (0.38)
0.41 Rob standing, then he was riding in the limo "Don't trust the standard models. Think outside the limits."
0.45 Rob and Kevin standing "I want an haircut." (Rob looked pretty dashing)
0.48 Same restaurant scene - Sarah “Do you need an haircut?” Rob "I need anything you can give me."
0.49/0.50 a living glimpse of the first still that Catherine Cronenberg showed us last May (Sarah and Rob on the back of the cab but his mouth was set in a hard line, not smirking like in the picture)
0.57 If I remember correctly, the scene with Binoche, he had no shirt "It's mine if I buy it."
0.59 Rob and Sarah at night, outside of a building, Rob had his jacket off
1.00 Rob on the back of the limo again
1.04 Rob and Kevin (same scene as 0.45) Rob was looking straight ahead while Kevin talked to him
1.06 Curly hair woman making a call but it looked like she was spying something (later she will be naked with Rob)
1.08 Rob in the limo, talking with a woman (not Sara, not Binoche, not curly hair woman, she was younger with straight brown hair)
1.11 Rob - “I’m scared to death”. Limo is already vandalized
1.12 He was watching something on a monitor
1.14 Rob with his head down, back of the limo, sad/scared face “Dying is the scandle…”
1.16 “He’s out there, and he’s off” I think it was Paul
1.20 “Makes me feel free in a way I’ve never known” You can see Rob’s arm, rummaging through a drawer, gun was in there
1.21 Sarah talking to Rob “Afraid to do what?”
1.24 PATTINSON (same font as opening COSMOPOLIS)
1.28 Kevin beating the crap out of Mathieu, Rob was inside the limo
1.34 Rob having sex in the limo (naked chest, naked back, closed eyes with a woman on top, head slamming to the side of the car)
1.36 Rob sitting on a chair, looking at curly hair woman undress, button of his pants is undone
1.40 Same sex scene as 1.36 but Rob looking at curly hair woman who is playing with his tie
1.47 Rob with a psychotic face, facing someone
1.50 exterior scene, Rob without jacket, gun in his hand
1.51 GADON
1.53-57 a bunch of cuts: vandalized limo, rob on the restaurant, kevin watching, rob pointing a gun
2.00 they’re passing by the riot
2.04 Rob surrounded by books
2.06 Kevin worried about Rob’s safety, he was at a table, Rob standing
2.09 Kevin opens fire, Mathieu attacks Rob
2.12 some sort of night club with girls dancing on poles, Rob watching
2.17 “Is there something I don’t know?” Rob was asking Kevin
2.19 Kevin forces a door to open
2.22 Another bit of a sex scene in the limo, Rob without shirt
2.25 NYC on the back
2.26 An alley, Mathiew was there
2.31-34 jump cuts – Rob in the limo, parking lot, vandalized limo, Rob was in a kind of an abandoned storage, someone opens fire
2.39 Rob again in the limo
2.41 Giamatti and Rob talking in the vandalized limo
2.43 12.12.12

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