Monday, November 28, 2011

Carter Burwell Talks Working With Rob On New Lullaby

UPDATE (11/28) - We've added a preview of the Breaking Dawn Part 1 score (available December 13th), but we really urge you to read Burwell's excellent interview with Sonic Scoop to really understand how the score came about. 


Sonic Scoop got such a great interview with Carter Burwell that we just had to share. He talks about the process of writing music for the Twilight films, and of course working with Rob:

Cool. What about the fact that Breaking Dawn is a two-parter? Knowing you’re also going to be scoring Part II, does where the story goes from here enter into the picture at all for you? When you’re thinking of these themes?
Well, I’ve read the script, but I haven’t seen any of Part II yet. But I did have to write a theme that Edward plays on camera in Part II. Bill wanted to echo the “Bella’s Lullaby” scene from the first Twilight in the last part, and so I had to write a lullaby for that well in advance so Rob Pattinson could learn the fingering – he’s a musician and prides himself on being able to do that.
Read the rest (and there is so much good stuff in there) at Sonic Scoop. We can't wait to see Rob playing the new song in Breaking Dawn Part 2!


  1. I've seen the movie twice and cannot even remember the piano playing, is it in part 2?

  2. Yeap! Its in part 2. Edward was welcoming me home"