Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Great Interviews From The BD Junket

IGN - Rob talks about the end of Twilight feeling like graduating from school (at about 3:35).

VTV1 (Vietnam) watch below or on YouTube.

IMDb - Rob talks about the "shock value" in Breaking Dawn and more - click to watch or below. 

WISN - Rob talks about Edward being a total nerd and his multitude of hats ;)  click to watch or below.

Fox Denver - Rob talks about the place he loves when he's in town.

Seventeen Latin America: Rob answers some familiar questions, but seems like some may be new - read it all at Twilight Poison.

Cinescape (Peru) - Click to watch or below.

All Rojo Vivo

Kristen Translation
What did you think of Brazil?

Gorgeous. I mean these characters were so stuck in one place the whole time. And to take them there which is a place almost a complete opposite as what they are used to. A place that is completely alive. And to see their reactions was wow!

Robert Translation
I remember when me and Kristen were staying in a hotel and there were about 600 hundred fans screaming, “Rob, Kristen” they stopped till about 2 in the morning so we thought they were gone. But then at 6 in the morning they started screaming again. They had given us a little break so we could sleep.

Megastar Cineplex (Vietnam) - cute moment at the beginning.

NBC Miami -  Rob and Kristen talk about the Breaking Dawn sex scenes. Watch on YouTube or below.

Mark at the Movies (via Spunk Ransom)

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Empire Online (good stuff) - Click to read.

We have dozens of more interviews on the blog from the press junket, premieres etc.. just take time to go down the posts (we've grouped them up as much as we could for your easy viewing).

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