Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TwiWrap: Cast Tweets + Latest News Out Of Baton Rouge

It's been a busy last few weeks in tweets for the Breaking Dawn cast.

We start off with the actors who are portraying Liam and Siobhan as part of the Irish Coven in the film. Both have had a chance to work with Rob. And today both had really nice things to say about him.

Earlier in the week we also got a peek at Edward and his wedding ring, courtesy of a devoted fan. And severe weather caused concern for the cast and crew

We also heard from some of the other cast members, who are loving their jobs and talking about it..

While the humans came and went from Baton Rouge, it appears the wedding scene has yet to be filmed if you are to believe Lainey Gossip:

 "The schedules have been fluid but they’re supposed to be shooting wedding prep and imprinting scenes this week, Thursday and Friday specifically. Not the ACTUAL wedding. But the preparation for it"

The cast will arrive in Vancouver later this month, and it appears Bella's house is ready to go!
There are now also several Renesmees to keep track of .  And in case there's any doubt on how hard the entire cast is working down in Louisiana, Guri Weinberg who plays Stefan in the film.. gave fans an update and something to look forward to.

Bring on November!


  1. They still haven't filmed the Wedding scene? I thought they had already finished with that.

    What day was in the information posted about the Wedding scene?

  2. Lainey talked about it on her live blog. Yesterday I believe. Makes sense since the humans seemed to be in Baton Rouge for only a few days.

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  4. tks for these posts RPN i love them!!
    we already knew ROB is a candy cane wraped in chocolate and some other good things hehe
    tks for the reminder tho :D
    those guys r too lucky..
    i can't wait!!!!