Friday, February 18, 2011

Rob Fits In 'Water For Elephants' Promotion Before Heading To Vancouver

Word is that Breaking Dawn production officially wrapped the Baton Rouge portion of filming Thursday. With Rob's busy schedule, it looks like Fox is fitting in some Water for Elephants interviews before he has to continue his work in Vancouver for Breaking Dawn. Cine Premiere interviewed him Friday in LA, and asked for questions from fans. They later tweeted that they had received them, and thanked fans. Good job everyone! - Cine Premiere added that the roundtable interviews with Rob, will be released around premiere time in each individual country.

This weekend we also found out there will be an international Water for Elephants premiere in Berlin, Germany on April 27th. That news came from a local newspaper, that later told our friends over at Thinking of Rob that indeed the premiere was confirmed by Fox. The premiere will reportedly be held at Berlin's Sony Center. Director Francis Lawrence confirmed news of a New York premiere on April 17th, but no location has been given. As always, we'll update fans as soon as we get more information.

Finally, a couple of updates on previous posts. There's now an HQ version of the poster below. Click for larger size or get an even bigger size at RPLife.

And in case you missed, Alan Bell (WFE editor) solved the mystery of that second song on the Water for Elephants trailer.

Listen to it now, and then see how it fits in with the trailer - and that's movie magic!

Photo via TwiCrackAddict 

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  1. Nice get RPN. I have a few Rob site favorites, you being one of them and no one has this pic. Rob's hair looks a bit wild and I love the sleek small coke bottle. Nice to see him promoting WFE. I hope it is a success. Tks ladies for posting the pic.