Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kristin Scott Thomas About Rob: "He's Handsome And He's Talented"

Kristin Scott Thomas recently spoke to the French press while accepting a Crystal Globe Award. She was asked about working with Rob in Bel Ami, and according to our partner site LeRPattzClub, this is what she replied:

"He is famous. He is loved. He's handsome and he's talented"

I believe (with my limited language skills) that she also said he was a good partner? :)

Watch the video - mention at about :40.

No word yet on when Bel Ami will have a U.S. release.


  1. Still hoping and praying for the US release date for this movie. Obviously Rob will be a huge draw, but the rest of the cast is so good, it can only help. Why is it so hard to get a distributor? People in Hollywood are idiots, they only want to do what has already been done and no one seems smart enough to take a little risk - and this one will absolutely pay off!!!