Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bel Ami: It's All In The Lacy Details

A new article in The Independent, sheds light on a little company in Scotland that has turned its unique lace making ability into a profitable business with a link to Bel Ami:

It is not the first time that the firm, founded more than a century ago, has achieved celluloid fame. Its lace wallpaper was featured in Sex And The City 2 and it has also provided fabrics for two Harry Potter films, Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland and the forthcoming Bel Ami starring Uma Thurman.

As to where in the film the intricate lace work was used remains to be seen, but spotting it will be a fun little task now that we know its interesting background.

You can learn more about Morton Young & Borland Textiles Group at their site.

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