Monday, February 21, 2011

'Breaking Dawn' Vancouver: Rob & Kristen Have Arrived!

Rob and Kristen arrived today in Vancouver to continue filming Breaking Dawn, after wrapping up production in Baton Rouge. As always we'll post updates but not locations, since we don't want to create mayhem for the cast and crew. Welcome to Vancouver Rob!

More pictures of Kristen and Rob at PopSugar

All of them (including ones not posted) in HQ & untagged at RPLife

Of course MTV had to have its say about Rob's jacket

And now we know the history of the jacket (via Spunk Ransom) - Read all about it, and the connection to Eddie Van Halen at VintageTourJackets.

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  1. sheeesh... he's hot in these (he is all the time, i know)... but you know what i mean? he just got off from his flight; not THAT haggard looking. it may be plausible that he was on a shower in a plane... yummy like that.

    n_n xxxhyde

  2. Have mercy....How more delicious can this guy get! Love the preppy look...aw...the boyfriend every woman would like to have.

  3. i so agree with both of u girls...now joshua isn't hiding the HUGE crush he has on ROB anymore huh? hehe