Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Next Robert Pattinson? - We'll Stick With The Current One!

British actor Alex Pettyfer mentioned Rob in a recent interview promoting I Am Number Four:

Everyone's saying 'I am number four' resembles Twilight
There are things that are similar between the two films and then those that are different.

You are touted as Britain's next Robert Pattinson!
All I can say is, he is a good looking guy!

Well played Mr. Pettyfer, well played..

Read the rest at the Times of India.

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  1. He's got that jaw working for him but I'd rather have the pretty + personality of Rob.

  2. Robert is better. I thought Alex was another one of those actors that knows Robert and Andrew G and that whole lot, does anyone know?

  3. Yeah, and you don't hold a candle to that good looking guy.

  4. i like alex pettyfer... anyway, most of them [British in HW] sort of convene together or something... keeping packs and bloodline-relations intact...

    BUT seriously? ROB is forever!

  5. Every actor has her/his fans.Well, Mr Alex never will have me as fan. Robert won my interest.