Tuesday, February 8, 2011

TwiWrap: The Cast Gets Ready To Say Goodbye To Baton Rouge

The tweet says it all.. the Breaking Dawn cast is ready to head north to Vancouver, after a busy last few weeks of filming in Baton Rouge.

Jamie Bower even showed us what we assume is his souvenir from the Breaking Dawn set

Charlie Bewley talked a bit about production, and what you can expect from the Volturi (at the end of the interview).

Like Crazy

Felicity Jones
Anton Yelchin
Charlie Bewley
Hollywood Dailies
Movie Trailer
Cameron Bright also talked about his experience filming the Twilight series, and why he can understand the craziness of it all.

Finally Valorie Curry, who plays American nomad 'Charlotte' - decided she needed to take a break from twitter. She deleted her account, but not before saying goodbye to fans:
 THANK U 2 all of my lovely followers. i'm going 2 say goodbye 2 twttr 4 a while.
It was a pleasure following her updates, and we can't wait to see her in Breaking Dawn.

Next stop.. Vancouver!

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