Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rob's Resume: He Can Do How Many Accents?

Hollywood Life shared Rob's (somewhat dated) resume from his UK Agency. And it's filled with all sorts of interesting facts.. can he really do a southern accent? read on~

So what does the RP stand for on the accents list?.. @BarnesGirl11 shared the answer:
 RP = Received Pronunciation (meaning generic Brit accent)

Of course we ALL embellish our resumes right?.. even Rob. Hear him talk about it on this old interview from his Potter days (at 1:25ish).

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  1. Ok, I love Rob so this is not meant to be rude...it's just some of those sports just have DISASTER written all over them when it comes to Rob ^_^

  2. They did speculate the resume is somewhat dated. In an interview for Goblet of Fire, Rob did admit to lying about his athletic abilities - stating his sports were more like darts and cards... It was the weight listed (70kg - 154lbs) that seems low for someone who is 6'1"...

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  4. @JLC yesh I heard that too about Rob's lying of his athletics,it's somewhat funny though :D always the charming Rob:)

  5. As long as you’re working to put food on the table and a roof overhead..


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