Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lots Of 'Water For Elephants' Updates Via Twitter

Sounds like these days, if you want to learn the latest on Water for Elephants your best bet is to turn to twitter. Director Francis Lawrence let fans know he's headed overseas for some last minute work.

He later gave us an update on when the movie will be finished.

So why is Lawrence headed to Paris? Christoph Waltz who plays August in the film, is currently filming Carnage there. For those of you not familiar with the process of ADR, we've found this great video that explains how it works.

More behind-the-scenes work also continues on the music side of Water for Elephants, as we saw from this tweet today.

And it's not just the movie being talked about. Algonquin Books proudly posted this update, on how sales are going for the novel written by Sara Gruen.

We'd imagine those sales are only going to increase with the release of the film's tie-in edition March 1st.

A little more than two months to go until the U.S. release of Water for Elephants, and we can't wait!


  1. rob does that, if we would put some honesty in our thinking. he brings fans back to reading books as he does these adaptations. i'm biased here, whatever; but the fact is: capitalists are raking in dollars because of him so show him more love. he's helping people (in a way) to live. not to mention those who live vicariously (and not) through him.

    n_n '86

  2. ITA agree with you. If he mentions a book in an interview, sales of the book go up. That has been noted several times. I also love how he supports the work of his friends, mentioning when their music is released etc in interviews.

  3. ITA with both of u girls
    i was thinking about that this morning actually
    a lot of ppl is working tks to only a small link to ROB, friends for example...not all of them but u know...i'm just saying..

  4. Absolutely agree with you. I read the Millennium series because Rob mentioned he was reading it.