Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rob, His Guitar, And A Bar In Houston

UPDATE (9/10)
Now we're jealous..

As pretty much the whole world knows by now, Rob is on a road trip with his friends (Hi Sam!). He surfaced again last night, this time in Houston.. where he put on an impromptu show at a bar. @m_arty was there and shared some of the details after she took a photo with him:

Watching Robert Pattinson sit on a Dracula pinball machine jam on his guitar with a guy with a fiddle. Surreal.
And she wasn't the only one who got to say hi to Rob & his friends!


Sam performed a "classic" which got high marks from @savannahramsey :)

tonight i confirmed rpatz is as gorg in person as movies/pics. Best "No Diggity" cover @samueltwitt1!


This is how Sam sings that song for those of you who haven't heard him. That's Rob in the back reportedly making some music.

Seems pretty busy for a Wednesday night, but at least one of the bars he visited mentioned he was there on its facebook page and later tweeted he was there:
We had a vampire sighting at Dean's. He was of the sparkly persuasion
What a lucky crowd that got to see Rob & Sam jam. Hopefully Rob shares more of that talent of his in the future. In the meantime, check out some of his music at myrobertpattinson.com & also check out Sam's.. (he'll be touring soon!).

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  1. Wow, i am so jealous. I cant believe these people got to hear him sing!!!! I hope someone talks about it. I hope they tell us about the experience!

  2. This looks like a dream come true. Lucky you and do you know what he played?

  3. Rob must be feeling really relaxed to be playing guitar in a public place. This is sooo cool. I'm
    happy that he's enjoying himself on this trip across the southern states. And, I'm glad we get to share the experience thru fan pics & tweets.

  4. Rob did not sing, but he played his guitar throughout the evening. He was very relax, friendly, and happy. Fans were respectful and he was gracious enough to take pics & chat a bit. :)

  5. Gah! I would have so died! To get to listen/watch him jam his guitar and to chat with him?! SWOON!!!! Lucky Lucky people!

  6. That must have been a heck of a performance!!
    Hopefully someone will get it up on YouTube soon!! seriously! get it up on youtube NOW!!
    giddyup ya'all
    ps. what did Tomstu do while Rob&Sam were jammin?

  7. OMG!! He looks wasted and tired... Why do guys like to do this kind of things?! Is it a bit like "The Hangover"? Is anyone getting married, or something?

  8. Absolutely love the pic of his genuine smile, the guitar and the lighting, he was having a good time. Would have loved to have been there, and oh yes, please someone, must post a youtube vid of Sam and Rob jamming that night. Please post on you tube! I have to say, thanks to RobPattnews for having this blog site!