Thursday, July 8, 2010

What A Day On The 'Water For Elephants' Set!

UPDATE: We got pictures to go with the tweets! 

As we heard from director Francis Lawrence (@Hibbits), it's an action packed week on the Water for Elephants set. The stampede is being filmed, and we got plenty of exciting details Wednesday straight from the extras who had to run for their lives:

And so did Rob.. with Queenie in tow!

@rebekahvoss: @Rosie_Elephant was amazing 2day."Acting" like she was freaking out & not ACTUALLY freaking out around 400+ extras=amazing!

@TheAlexaRose: Crazy day running as the tent collapses. Wowza. #WFE

@Thom_Thumb_  I pranced around WFE set showing off my Brobdingnagian clown butt today and we shot the scene where the big top falls down on our heads… A fun day!

This was my favorite tweet:

@codywood: 4:30am wake-up call all worthwhile when C. Waltz took center stage and proclaimed: "Ladies and Gentlemen!..." #wfe

That is until we got a nice surprise, about a very special visit to the set on Wednesday:

@BigTopLife: Author of WFE Sara Gruen was on set today!

Gruen mentioned in an interview a few months ago, that she would be making a cameo in the film. Now we know where to potentially look for her.

That's a wrap for Wednesday! hopefully more updates to come.

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