Friday, July 9, 2010

'Water For Elephants': One Set Wraps?.. Parade Coming Up!

Thursday was another exciting day on the Water for Elephants set. But it was also bitter sweet..

@BigTopLife: That's a wrap under the Big Top! What a blast it was, until the Parade...... May all your days be Circus days!

@Thom_Thumb Last day at this set location.. What an amazing experience.. I'm gonna miss it. Looking forward to the parade.

Apparently those actors filmed their last scenes at that particular set. But not before some key scenes were filmed:

@Thom_Thumb Today got to dodge rubes in clown get up, ..while August attacked Jacob during the stampede with a bull hook!

@thorknai Shooting scene under an elephant? Check. Closeup during #WFE climax? Check.Action-filled times on set w/ @kevinketcham & Rosie!

@kevinketcham Got the pleasure of shooting a solo scene w/rosie, @thorknai, it was awesome, proud to be a part of the exciting climax!

@codywood: Covered in dust and wearing a big smile after another day on set! Bumped into Rob - wish I could sell the shirt ;) (We're sure he doesn't mean it..)

And then there were the fans outside the set:

@seanstew Ha ha. #twihearts outside #WFE. "Plane from Miami $. Rental car $. Pic with mom and Rob PRICELESS

Some even got to meet Christoph Waltz when filming wrapped for the night. Check out the rest of the pics.

But work is not over..

@actorpat: - w00t! More rousty action tomorrow night! :) Gotta squeeze in as much #WFE time as I can before it wraps!

We'll see what the weekend brings!

 Can't wait to see the Big Top come to life on the big screen..


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