Friday, July 2, 2010

Rob Talks Conflict, And Why It Was A Challenge In 'Eclipse'

The Chicago Tribune has a new article where Rob talks about Edward, and why it was a challenge to show his conflict with Jacob while filming Eclipse.

In the movie, your characters are both in love with Bella and in hot pursuit of her interests. She doesn't know which way to turn and even is at the core of the battle that breaks out in this film. In real life, could you be in a relationship that was so difficult to have? 
RP: Oh, no way. I'm terrible at that. I can't even deal with people shouting at each other. The slightest bit of conflict and I'm gone immediately. It's one of the challenges of this movie for me. It's balancing the emotional aspects with the physical demands. Occasionally, there come moments where you have to portray a big story within a fight scene and it does become quite complicated.

Read the rest over at the Chicago Tribune.

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