Sunday, November 4, 2012

Did Rob *Really* Doodle On That New York City Table?

Okay, so we know when Rob was in New York City recently, he was at a bar that apparently hands patrons a drill along with their drink order. Alright, we're into it, but now there's a report Rob went beyond drilling, and actually made a doodle to complement the holes he left on the table: 

"My friend said he drilled all the holes and then drew that girl-figure. He was at a party at the gallery, and my friend was there the day after and took the pic. I don't think he signed his signature!"

So we looked at it, and the comment that came with the report. It made us wonder if there's a possibility someone else could have drawn the pic in the day it took the person who took the pic to get there. We also reached out to Vale at Twilight Poison who is the expert on Rob's handwriting, and she had this to say after checking out the word scribbled on there:

It really doesn't look like Rob's at all. The letters are always too close together when he writes.

So I'm not sure it's his although he does like to make doodles like that.

So there you have it, you decide! - we'll update you if we get a definitive answer either way.


  1. you are checking his handwriting......seriously?

  2. We just try to post as accurate info as we can. That doodle could or could not be his, that is all we're trying to say. The handwriting tool is super popular over at Twilight Poison btw ;)

  3. From Robsessed interview with Patricia McKenzie...now we know who Fancy is!

    McKenzie: They are two of the sweetest men in Hollywood. Both are extremely humble in person and lack pretension. I felt very comfortable around both of them. David Cronenberg gave me a big hug the first time I ever saw him, and he said he was happy to finally meet me, which was so disarming, charming and fatherly. I think that is when I fell in love, because I will give everything to a director that makes me feel as safe and protected as a child. And Cronenberg is so patient. He gives everyone on set all the time they need to do their best work, and speaks quietly to keep the atmosphere on set very calm and enjoyable. David was also very patient with my fawning over him at the warp party, because I was so appreciative of his work style I just couldn't help gushing like a schoolgirl with with a crush, very embarrassing in retrospect. I didn't expect Rob to be so tall, and so charming. Everyone loved him on set. He can carry his own in any conversation and takes pains to make others feel at ease. He is very down-to-earth and low-key, the kind of guy that just chills with his dog, or with a pint. What's his dogs name, Bear? I'm pretty sure I remember that from playing with him, although it's possible I heard the name somewhere, but anyone who calls a small dog "Bear" has a good sense of humour. I had two 95lb boxers named Zeus and Troy, that I was missing, so it was fun to play with that friendly little Bear. Anyway, I got the impression that he preferred a dark pub, to cruising on a yacht, or anything fancy. He actually called me "fancy" because yes, if there's an occasion, I may prefer boating to beers on a hot summer day, but otherwise, I like to stay home and immerse myself in my own world.