Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More from the 'BD2' Press Junket: Part 5!

You can find the rest of the interviews here.

Alicia Malone

Today Online


Rotten Tomatoes

Monsieur Hollywood

iVillage (watch on YouTube or below)

More from Yahoo Movies - watch on YouTube or below.

Go! (Denmark)

Jay Jay Mike & Dom's radio show (Australia) Starts at about 24:45 - CLICK TO LISTEN or check it out on YT

ET Canada (full interview)

Manny The Movie Guy

At the end




Movie Tickets

My Fox Detroit

Fox 2 News Headlines

Reelz (full interview) watch at source or below

Euronews - watch at the source or below

Rob: "It's strange to think, you know, to suddenly in the last movie of the series ... to have such a massive shift in what edward gets to be concerned about cause he's spent the first 4 movies thinking about Bella and then he realizes :'I actually have the ablilty to change my life completely.' So that was quite exciting. That was definitely something new to play with."

Korean TV (Rob's part starts at about 5:50)

More from Allocine

Starts at 0:30. Then 3:06 and at 5:15 (Via) - Youtube or watch at the source

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