Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Glamour UK: Rob Answers Twitter Questions From Fans

Rob answered your questions live on twitter with Glamour UK ahead of the London premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2 tonight. You can check out his answers in the cool gallery they've put together, or below!

Glamour also added some behind the scenes details, you'll want to read about.

@GlamourMagUK: Robert Pattinson’s first tweet is just “tweet” #GlamourRob

@GlamourMagUK: Here’s Rob! #GlamourRob #BD2 yfrog.com/g0ui6anj

@GlamourMagUK: ask something somebody? #glamourrob

@GlamourMagUK I like the fog one RT @avantika97 #GlamourRob In #BD2, new vampire powers have been introduced, which 1 do u like the most?

@GlamourMagUK I think I was but Peter is the only one that paid! RT @KateEDonnelly Who was fined the most money for swearing? #GlamourRob

@GlamourMagUK: Taylor I think RT @thew4llflower #GlamourRob Who would survive the longest in I’m a celebrity, u, Kristen or Taylor?

@GlamourMagUK: Depends who the woman is… Either way, it will be offensive. RT @FirstClassKris What’s the 1st thing you notice about a woman? #GlamourRob

@GlamourMagUK: Taylor’s imprinting scene – the funniest & saddest RT @vale55dc which scene was the funniest to shoot & which 1 was the saddest? #GlamourRob

@GlamourMagUK: A little sun round my belly button like Sisqo RT @ropebert If you got a tattoo what would it b & why? #GlamourRob

@GlamourMagUK: They love each other v much RT @Dennniii Do Bear & Bernie fight often or are they good friends? #GlamourRob

@GlamourMagUK: Depends on if they want to RT @somedayrk Will you read your kids Twilight? #GlamourRob

@GlamourMagUK: I would love it if he had a six pack RT @KateFlor90 Tell us 1 characteristic you’d change about Ed & one you’d love to have? #GlamourRob

@GlamourMagUK: Me! Because I’m a better than everyone RT @TARAISANINJA if the chars of Twilight were in The Hunger Games who would win & why? #GlamourRob

@GlamourMagUK: Marmite and Baked Beans RT @PurpleHayley #GlamourRob When your parents visit you in LA, is there 1 thing you ask them to bring from the UK?

@GlamourMagUK: Yes, I think. RT @aarushiganju Do you believe in soulmates? @GlamourMagUK #GlamourRob

@GlamourMagUK: I want to be a Lord or Your Eminence RT @eleanorford #GlamourRob If you keep on acting would you like to get a Knighthood some day? Sir Rob?

@GlamourMagUK: I do have a stylist, but I pick what I wear RT @contagiously do u pick out what to wear or do u have a stylist? #GlamourRob

@GlamourMagUK: There’s a scene where she jumps up into my arms RT @emmylovesrob What’s your fave scene with Mackenzie? #GlamourRob

@GlamourMagUK: Depends what you consider fortune. RT @mzstaylorxx #GlamourRob is all the fame & fortune worth having no privacy in ur life?

@GlamourMagUK: Someone who works at Nandos RT @Amy_Elizabeth30: #GlamourRob If you could swap lives with someone for one day.. who would you be?

@GlamourMagUK: Goodbye everyone! Thanks for your questions #GlamourRob

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