Friday, July 6, 2012

In Honor Of National Kissing Day..

We couldn't let this holiday pass us by, without counting down the Top 14 Rob kisses (in no particular order) of ALL time. And let us tell you, it was not easy to come up with this list.. after all, we are talking about the reigning MTV Best Kiss champ. Here's hoping for many more in the years to come!

#14 The Bad Mother's Handbook: Rob was just starting to perfect his on-screen kissing skills, and this was a sweet one.

#13 The Haunted Airman: Toby is a disturbed young man isn't he?..

#12 Little Ashes: Need we say more..

#11 And of course that led us to..

And don't pretend you didn't like it, even the neck grab itself is HOT. 

#10 Remember Me: Oh, there he is.. going for the back of the neck again ;)

#9 New Moon: Because, you know.. what can beat the groaning


#8 Water for Elephants: Aww, we love Daddy Rob. Now if Rosie would just move out of the way..

#7 Bel Ami: Dirty.

#6 Cosmopolis We haven't seen it. We just know it's hot.

#5 Eclipse: Can't. Breathe.

#4 The Summer House: Another one that just sizzles in real time.

#3 Breaking Dawn Part 1 The moment we had all been waiting for! on repeat.

#2 Twilight: Which bring us back to the very first saga kiss, which we thought was the mother of all hot kisses...

#1 Until Cannes. There's just no replacing the real thing ;)

Happy kissing everyone!

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  1. That was beautiful but I would also like to see another Eclipse kiss,it's in the first scene in the meadow. I think it was α great kiss ... and realy hot!