Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kiowa On Mackenzie: "It Was Cute To Watch Rob & Kristen With Her"

Kiowa Gordon spoke to OK magazine about Twilight recently, and he mentioned Rob and Kristen's interaction with Mackenzie Foy: 

"They were cute! It was like a cute little family," Kiowa told OK! on the red carpet of the All-Star concert at the soon-to-be Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. "You know when you have your first-born? Well Renesmee immediately grows up to be five! That usual happens, right?" he joked.

"It was cool. I don’t really know, because I don’t have a little child, but it was cute to watch Rob and Kristen with her," Kiowa said of the on and off-screen lovebirds. "We were all like ‘Ah, there’s a kid on set!’ You got to act like a parent."

Read the rest and watch below.

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